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5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Clear Braces

In recent years, teeth straightening procedures have become less dependent on traditional braces due to dental corrective and oral treatment advancements. The modern-day clear aligners treatment is one of the subtler alternative procedures that can provide better aesthetic results and comfort. Say goodbye to those dark-colored wires and metal brackets that cause discomfort while eating, cleaning, and doing other daily activities. . Invisible aligners allow you to achieve straighter teeth with a discreet, comfortable, and effective experience. 

With the majority of advantages and things being said, it is important to know exactly how invisible aligners will be right for you. Here we are sharing five interesting facts about clear aligners to make you ready before getting the procedure. 

#1. Clear Aligners Are Equally Effective As Traditional Braces

Invisible aligners come up with the care and benefits of traditional braces with the combination of aesthetically pleasing components. They exert the same pressure on the crooked teeth as the traditional bracket-and-wire to improve teeth alignment. Clear aligners are a great alternative to traditional braces treatment with amazing benefits. 

Along with comfort, the invisible aligners are less likely to be noticed by anyone while the procedure is going on. Further, the surfaces in the clear aligners remain smoother than metal wires and brackets. Invisible aligners also feel highly comfortable in an individual's mouth because of the high-quality material and smooth margins. 

#2. Invisible Aligners Require A Good Amount Of Hygiene 

If you're going to wear invisible aligners for a long time, keeping your teeth and mouth clean is important. Regular flossing is highly recommended if you want to achieve faster results and healthy teeth. You can use a denture cleaning solution to brush and clean the aligners with a soft toothbrush. At least try to rinse your mouth before putting back the invisible aligners if you're not able to brush your teeth on a frequent basis. 

Dentists at Emirates Dental, the best dental clinic in Dubai, advise that the aligners should be cleaned regularly during treatment to avoid bacteria building up and damaging them. It is recommended to clean them every morning since most bacteria buildup occurs during sleep. Just clean your teeth with a soft toothbrush and normal water.  Avoid using warm water to prevent the clear braces from losing their shape. Some dentists even recommend using hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and denture cleaner along with water for effective and safe cleaning of clear braces. 

#3. You Should Wear Clear Aligners At Least 17-22 Hours Each Day

The majority of people assume that they can wear or remove the clear aligners in and out as per their needs. But, it is not completely true as you need to wear the invisible braces for maximum time every day.

You'll need to wear the clear aligner for at least 17-22 hours every day to achieve better and faster results. Ideally, you shouldn’t try to remove the clear braces very often unless you’re going to eat, brush or floss your teeth. As per the dentist's recommendation, you should wear clear braces at the maximum times possible. It will help you gain the perfect alignment of your teeth to ensure a confident and healthy smile. 

#4. Clear Aligners Might Cause Slight Change In Eating Habits 

You can enjoy your favorite food or drink while wearing the invisible aligners. However, there might be certain scenarios restricting you from readjusting your eating habits. There are many drinks or food items like coffee, soda, juices, tea, etc., causing stains or discoloration of the clear aligners. In the case of unhygienic aligners, there is also a possibility of catching bacterial infections and bad smells. Hence, you should try your best to avoid such foods or drinks during the treatment period to ensure effective teeth care and results.

#5. Clear Braces Can Lead To Faster Results In Less Time

Clear aligners are nearly invisible, making them a preferable choice among the majority of patients. Other than that, invisible aligners treatment has a number of advantages for older teens or adults. Many patients find them comfortable to wear without experiencing any speech issues. 

Invisible aligner teeth straightening treatment has an easier and more effective experience for everyone. You can remove the aligners regularly for eating and cleaning purposes. It is recommended by popular dentists that you should take care of brushing your teeth for quick results. The best part is that you can keep eating most of your favorite food items during the entire course of the treatment. 

Clear braces can provide faster and straighter teeth in case of both mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. Gone are the days when an individual had to hesitate for such orthodontic treatments. So, if you're seeking the fastest and most effective teeth straightening results, clear aligners are a fantastic option.

Are Invisible Braces Right For You?

Hence, invisible aligners are the most useful and effective teeth straightening treatment for all age groups of people. There are lots of great things and benefits with invisible aligners in comparison to traditional braces or other teeth straightening procedures. As per the name, these aligners are nearly invisible and are a perfect fit for patients who don't feel comfortable wearing metal braces. 

Invisible aligner treatment is relatively easy and faster than other choices. One can get more freedom and comfort level while wearing the clear aligners. So, for great reasons, invisible aligners are the right choice for everyone. 

Book Your Appointments At Emirates Dental Clinic 

Hence, there are a lot of great things to learn about invisible aligners before getting treatment. Our dentists at Emirates Dental Clinic can provide the best consultation and advice related to corrective methods. Book your appointment with an experienced dentist to talk more about invisible braces and get the most effective teeth straightening treatment in no time.

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invisible aligners, teeth aligner, transparent braces, teeth straighteners, invisible braces dubai, dental clinic in dubai
invisible aligners, transparent braces, clear aligners, invisible braces dubai