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6 Health Benefits Of Having Straight Teeth

September 12, 2022

A straight set of teeth is something that everyone desires. An attractive and straight smile increases confidence and self-esteem levels. However, do you know that the benefits of straight teeth are not limited to physical appearance? Not many know that there are a myriad of health benefits to having straight teeth. 

From better digestion to low risk of oral health diseases, and healthy functions of different parts of the mouth, straight teeth provide several benefits. Therefore, you should consider straightening your teeth with a professional orthodontist. Different types of teeth straighteners will not only improve the alignment of your teeth but also help in maintaining oral hygiene. Read further to know more about the benefits of having straight teeth.

Impressive Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth

#1. Straight Teeth Are Easier To Clean

One of the significant benefits of having straight teeth is that you can clean them easily. Everyone needs to floss daily and it becomes easier with the right teeth alignment. On the other hand, crowded teeth are much harder to clean. The odd angles and gaps between the teeth bind the food particles to stick. Straight teeth facilitate effective cleaning with a low risk of poor oral hygiene. Straight teeth with regular brushing and cleaning will have fewer problems with growing age. With even spacing between your teeth, toothbrush and flossing tools will reach all areas ensuring an all-around clean mouth. 

#2. Straight Teeth Will Prevent Jaw Strain

When your teeth aren’t straight, the problem won’t be just in the mouth. You can start feeling pain or strain in the hinges where you meet the skull. A poorly aligned bite puts more stress on the temporomandibular joints (joints connecting the jaw to the skull near the ears). The problem can lead to incredible pain and irritation as the mouth experiences malocclusion. Patients having misaligned often complain of jaw pain, earaches, dizziness, and severe headaches. Consider speaking to your dentist for teeth straightening and get relief from jaw pains and troubles. 

#3. Straight Teeth Leads To Better Gum Health

As your teeth are easy to clean when they’re straight, it also maintains healthy oral and gums. Gums are the protective covering of teeth and should be protected against periodontal disease. Crooked teeth lead to bacteria buildup in teeth as well as gums because of trouble cleaning. On the other hand, straight teeth are easier to clean and thus, provide increased protection against bacteria buildup. 

Crooked teeth are difficult to clean, making it incredibly challenging to manage and rid your mouth of bacteria which further causes periodontal disease. It is an infection that can damage the teeth-supporting tissues. Not only does this particular disease lead to gum problems but also can put the entire body at risk. Periodontal disease begins in the gum area resulting in more tender, swollen, and red gums. If not treated for long, then gums start receding, and in worsening situations, bone is lost which further results in tooth decay. 

Gums act as a protective covering around the mouth. The unhealthy or infected gums can cause tooth decay, pain, and discomfort around the affected teeth. Whereas, straight teeth enable better brushing and flossing which protects against bacteria buildup and subsequently leads to healthier gums. 

#4. Straight and healthy teeth result in better digestion

The main function of our teeth is to chew foods which is the very first step in digestion. Whether you naturally have straight teeth or have undergone clear aligners teeth straightening treatment, perfectly aligned teeth help in chewing foods effectively which in turn leads to better digestion. Chewing food thoroughly helps in speeding up the digestion process. The non-chewed food made to the stomach is harder to digest by the intestines and your body ends up with less nutrition and gut problems. Therefore, to avoid all these problems you should get your teeth straightened through dental cosmetic teeth straightening procedures.

#5. Straight teeth last longer

As people get older, their bodies start to age, and also teeth naturally deteriorate over time. One major benefit of having straight teeth is that they tend to last longer than crooked or chipped teeth. Now that straight teeth are easier to clean, it becomes easy to manage the health of both upper and lower teeth. As a result, the overall oral hygiene of a person improves. With straight teeth, there are no bacteria built and hence, the protection against periodontal disease also increases. 

On the other hand, crooked and misaligned teeth contribute to the speedy ageing process by exacerbating wear and tear- a result of regular activities. Difficulty in cleaning crooked teeth leads to poor oral health. This further causes teeth weakness putting your teeth at risk of cracks, breaks, and damage. 

#6. Having straight teeth improves self-esteem

Many people living with misaligned or crooked teeth feel insecure and embarrassed to smile in public. When one doesn’t feel comfortable with their physical appearance, it can have significant, long-lasting negative impacts on their mental health. Smile insecurity is real and can give rise to several health issues. Having low self-esteem and confidence level can further result in mental health issues like anxiety, stress, and depression.

People usually have the first impression through the physical appearance of other individuals. Unfortunately, the first thing most people notice about others is their smile and then their teeth. The health benefits of straight teeth are much more than just aesthetics; however, the mental health benefits of a person having straight teeth and a confident smile are just as significant as the physical benefits of the same.

People having straight teeth feel much more confident while smiling in the public. On the other hand, people with misaligned or crooked teeth find it much more challenging to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Straighten Your Smile with Emirates Dental Clinic

Undeniably, there are several health benefits to having straight teeth. However, not everyone is gifted with straight teeth. But, people can still make their dream come true of having straight teeth with clear aligners. 

As one of the leading providers of clear aligners, Emirates dental clinic in Dubai provides reliable and trustworthy invisible braces treatment with the help of successful and seamless practices. Since the benefits of straight teeth extend far beyond these discussed advantages, we recommend you book a consultation. Our team of professional orthodontists brings the most transparent teeth straightening process with efficient dental care.

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