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6 Signs That You're A Good Clear Aligners Candidate

January 28, 2023

Invisible aligners have become one of the most popular and effective treatments of restorative dentistry. The after-results and comfort throughout the clear aligner journey make them a worthwhile investment. Teeth straightening can be a daunting process especially if your plate is already full. Invisible aligners come up as a right and worthy choice to achieve straighter teeth and confident smiles. But, does everyone qualify for this modern-day and revolutionary teeth alignment procedure? Before getting started on that, let’s explore what invisible aligners exactly are. 

How Are Clear Aligners Different From Other Options? 

Modern-day invisible aligners procedures are more efficient, technology-driven, and effective in comparison to traditional approaches. Since these are made with durable and high-standard plastic, there are fewer chances of getting stains or discoloration throughout the treatment journey. Further, patients tend to enjoy fewer dietary restrictions, handy maintenance, and more freedom with removable aligners treatment. 

Regardless of where you are in life, it is always a great idea to begin a journey to straighter teeth, oral health, hygienic experience, and a confident smile. Removable aligners provide effective results for both teens and adults to glow up the smile. Simply wear the aligners as recommended and tweak your smile into the ideal shape with gradual correction in the misalignment. 

Here are some of the potential signs that ensure you’re an ideal candidate for invisible aligners

Signs You Are A Clear Aligners Candidate

Invisible braces are completely invisible making them a favorite and preferred teeth straightening procedure. However, there are plenty of other aspects to consider to determine if clear aligners are right for you. It isn’t always an easy choice between traditional braces, invisible aligners, or any other misalignment correction treatment. 

To make it simpler, here are a few ways to ensure you’re making the right decision with removable braces. 

#1. You’ve Worn Braces Before 

Oftentimes, teenagers or young adults wearing metal braces start feeling uncomfortable because of metal wires or brackets. Since traditional braces are non-removable, you know the importance of wearing the aligners most of the time. It makes you a perfect candidate for invisible aligners so you can follow a recommended routine for achieving straighter teeth and a confident smile. 

Invisible aligners are perfect teeth straightening procedures to return crooked teeth to the correct alignment. Not just quick, the treatment is fairly helpful in maintaining dental health and aesthetics. So, if you’ve been wearing braces earlier, removable braces can be a great choice. 

#2. You Are Pretty Disciplined

Although the invisible aligner treatment is completely straightforward, having a certain level of discipline is a must to ensure effective results in terms of straighter teeth and a confident smile. It is the reason why dentists recommend wearing the aligners for most of the time (typically 22 hours out of 24 hours) with a proper cleaning routine. 

You can plan your time to take them out before every meal, brush your teeth and wear them again as you’re done. The entire teeth-straightening journey requires both self-discipline and a proper planning routine. It is also essential to handle the eating or drinking schedule throughout the treatment. You should feel relaxed knowing that the treatment doesn’t take much longer than a year in most cases. However, you should plan to visit the best dental clinic in Jumeirah to get a clearer idea after diagnosis.  

#3. You Want Straight Teeth Without the Metal

Although there aren’t any teeth straightening procedures without minor pain or discomfort, traditional metal braces can take them up a notch. Because of the metal wires and brackets, they might lead to the feeling of clunkiness in your mouth. Additionally, the food adjustment restrictions are another major issue with the non-removable braces. In some cases, individuals also start experiencing a certain amount of snagging or bleeding problems. 

An invisible aligner is a definitive alternative to metal braces if you want to get rid of that pain and discomfort. Further, it offers significant freedom to eat or drink the way you used to follow prior treatment. 

#4. You Live a Busy Life

Treating teeth misalignment with traditional or regular braces can be a time-consuming process, requiring more frequent appointments from dental experts. On the other hand, invisible aligners come up with a simple care procedure involving dental cleanings twice a year and a few checkup/evaluation sessions. You only need to remove the clear aligners for eating or cleaning purposes. Another best part is that you won’t have to deal with dietary restrictions or food adjustments.

That said, if you lead a busy lifestyle, it is advisable to go for the clear braces treatment with proper cleaning and wearing routine.  

#5. You Are Seeking A Permanent Solution

If you’re tired of feeling nervous, shy, or unhappy with crooked teeth, it might be the right time to consider invisible aligners. It is a permanent solution to ensure the right teeth placement with minor or no misalignment. As long as you wear the aligners for around 22 hours regularly or as per the dentist’s recommendation, you’re most likely to achieve lifelong straight teeth and a precious smile. 

A lot of adults have a strong desire to achieve a new smile, but traditional treatments are not effective in every case. Invisible aligners deliver the new precious smile without many challenges. 

#6. You Need Specialized Dental Care 

The best way to undergo any corrective procedure including an invisible aligner is to get care from a qualified dental expert. Follow the recommended aftercare routine to address the potential problems at various steps of the treatment journey. Although clear aligners work for most people, there can be certain stipulations to this. It is even tough for the removable braces to correct severe bite or misalignment issues. 

Hence, it is better to speak with a highly experienced dentist to diagnose the problem and individual needs of your smile. Being said that, if you have mild teeth crookedness, clear aligners can maintain the right placement easily. 

Final Comments 

It is a smart decision to assess if you’re a good invisible aligner candidate before making the investment. Having straight teeth and a healthy mouth at the same time is an undeniable need rather than a luxury. Clear aligners or braces are proven and reliable teeth straightening procedures to let you achieve healthy teeth and the confident smile that you deserve. 

Consider scheduling an appointment at Emirates Dental, one of the best and most trusted dental clinics in Dubai. Get free dental consultation about your interest in the clear aligners and if you’re a worthy candidate for it. Contact us today to discuss your problem and options for clear aligners. 

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