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6 Tips To Intensify The Results Of Invisible Aligners Treatment

August 11, 2022

Invisible aligners treatment has gained traction for correcting dental deformities in adults. More and more people are choosing clear aligners over metal braces because it's comfortable and removable. The plastic material in dental aligners can treat unwanted spaces and overbites more subtly. It ensures the perfect alignment of teeth along with adding aesthetics to your smile. 

Invisible Aligners are a fantastic alternative to metal braces and remain comfortable, less painful, and easily adjustable. 

You need to be extremely hygienic while undergoing dental aligner treatment. Clean them regularly to avoid food stuck in uneven spaces. The food particles enclosed in the teeth can further lead to bacterial infection. Ignoring the aligner's cleanliness can lead to further gum damage and dental diseases. 

Here are six major tips to consider to make the most out of the clear aligner treatment. 

#1. Wear your aligners regularly

One should wear clear aligners for at least 22 hours a day for better after-results. It is the first and foremost tip to wear the aligners regularly. The dentists recommend removing them while having your meals, playing, or drinking. However, it is mandatory to clean your teeth and floss as well. 

If you’re an athlete or play a sport while wearing dental aligners, make sure to use a mouth guard. It is a recommended practice to remain careful for the safety of your teeth and aligners. 

#2. Practice good oral hygiene

Brush and floss your teeth regularly after having a meal or drink. You need to practice good oral hygiene before putting back the aligners on. Don’t try to avoid or feel shy about that even if you’re at a friend’s place and restaurant. Good oral hygiene will speed up the dental aligners treatment and save you from further teeth damage. 

While removing the clear aligners during eating and cleaning, store them in the case for maximum safety. Keeping aligners anywhere else might have the chance to spread bacterial infection in the mouth. 

#3. Avoid Eatables that can cause stains 

There are no specific food options to consume while undergoing the invisible aligner treatment in Dubai. You can keep eating and drinking as you were doing before the treatment. However, avoiding the food items or drinks that cause stains on the dental aligners can maintain aesthetics in the treatment process. Certain drinks like wine, coffee, tea, etc. cause stains in the dental aligners. 

Invisible aligners remain translucent with the original tooth. Once they catch stains, it degrades the overall dental aligner aesthetics. 

#4. Brush/Clean Your Aligners

Like your teeth, dental aligners also need regular cleaning and brushing. It is one of the useful tips to maximize the results of invisible aligners treatment. Aligners are quite tough but need gentle cleaning. Consult with your dentist in Dubai for the best suggestion on toothpaste. 

The clear aligners allow you to experience an invisible orthodontic treatment. But, you need to be very careful with the cleaning of aligners. It is an unfortunate thing with aligners that they tend to catch stains very often. That’s why you need to clean them regularly. Otherwise, people will start noticing the aligners and it won’t be completely invisible. 

Soak the invisible aligners in warm water and anti-bacterial soap to protect them from any potential infection. It can help in removing any bacteria and buildup from the trays. It is advisable to clean the aligners at least once a day to keep the trays clean and in good shape. 

#5. Change Invisible Aligners As Per Dentist Advice

During the process, you should be visiting the dentist if and when required. It helps monitor the progress of the treatment and condition. In case, the orthodontist feels the need to replace the aligners, you should be ensuring to do the same without any delay. Ignoring or failing to change clear aligners can lead to damage to the entire treatment process. 

#6. Be Available For Dental Checkups 

One major benefit of clear aligners is that you won’t need to adjust or tighten them every few weeks. You can even take care of removal and change of trays on your own. However, the occasional dental checkup in Dubai can ensure the treatment is going further as per the plan. 

It is essential to figure out the time for the dentist appointments. In case you're not able to make it, ask your dentist's clinic in Dubai to reschedule the visit. Always remember that your frequent appointments with the dentist help in staying up to date with the treatment. 

Key Takeaways

While undergoing the clear aligner treatment, you would be looking for a valuable and amazing smile. The investment in the clear aligner treatment and trust in the process will boost confidence in you. However, keep these six tips into consideration to ensure speedy and successful invisible aligner treatment. 

We are here with tips as per the recommendation of a dental clinic in Dubai. Our objective is to help with the specialized invisible aligner treatment possible. However, these tips are nothing but the tip of the iceberg. You can research more or seek a consultation from the best dentist in Dubai. 

Listen to your dentist carefully during clear braces treatment or consultation. If you’ve questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to discuss them with a specialized dental expert in Dubai.

Emirates Dental provides reliable and trustworthy invisible aligners treatment along with experience and successful practices. We bring the most transparent teeth straightening process with proficient dental care. 

Book your consultation with Emirates Dental Clinic in Dubai and get quick answers regarding clear aligner treatment. 

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