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Affordable Dental Implants in Dubai: Is it Possible?

March 20, 2023

There are certain situations when losing a tooth is certainly inevitable. Although some might not consider it important, replacing the missing teeth is essential to maintain the mouth's functionality and confidence in smiling. Not just the aesthetics, teeth loss can impact your look, chewing ability, speaking, and ultimately health. 

Losing a tooth can leave space in your mouth, triggering the other teeth to shift and cause teeth misalignment and jawbone deterioration. But, there is nothing to worry about as dental implants in Dubai can be a worthy and long-term solution to missing teeth concerns. 

Dental Implant - What Is It? 

Dental implants are artificial teeth used as an alternative to natural teeth. These replacement teeth are placed into your jaw to hold the bridge. Ideal for individuals who lost a tooth or multiple teeth due to potential reasons like periodontal disease, injury, and more. Maintaining oral hygiene can help dental implants last a lifetime. These are fully secure dental procedures and allow you to speak, eat, and smile with more comfort and confidence. 

For an ideal candidate for a dental implant, having good dental and oral health is necessary. Standalone implants remain anchored to the jaw bone to provide stability and comfort to the adjoining crown. In general, the entire dental implant process takes about three months excluding the jaw's time to heal. 

When Should You Consider Dental Implants?

Out of the multiple dental conditions, here are some major reasons why you should go for dental implants -  

- Missing a single tooth or multiple teeth in the mouth. 

- If your jaw has grown and is looking for good gum health. 

- If you need to avoid the fixed partial denture while cutting/filing down the good teeth. 

- In case of root fractures in the mouth. 

- For clenching and grinding your teeth. 

- Facial injury and other problems. 

Since there can be other reasons for choosing dental implants, it is recommended to visit a dental clinic for reliable diagnosis and consultation. The dentists will examine the jaw bone density, gums health, bite angle, possible infections, healing ability, anesthesia tolerance, and more before recommending the final implants. Always remember to ask your queries or dental implants cost in Dubai to feel confident before corrective procedures. 

Advantages of Dental Implants In Dubai

Along with supporting artificial teeth, dental implants offer several benefits as mentioned below - 

#1. Enhanced Appearance

The vital thing about dental implants is their natural-looking teeth appearance. Since they are simply fused with the bone easily, it becomes permanent and improves the overall look & feels with full confidence. 

#2. Better Oral Health

Dental implants improve oral and dental health without impacting the nearby teeth. With the right balance between the natural teeth and dental implants, you can experience better oral hygiene too. 

#3. Gain Confidence -

Regardless of your age, missing teeth can restrict a person’s smile and confidence. Dental implants can allow the confidence to smile and help in feeling better about yourself. 

#4. Improved Speech - 

Gone are the days when you had difficulty talking because of missing teeth or poor-quality dentures. With teeth slipping within the mouth, individuals tend to mumble while speaking in front of anyone. This isn’t the case when you go for dental implants, as they allow the complete freedom to speak freely without the chance of teeth slipping.  

#5. Highly Durable - 

Another amazing thing about dental implants is that they’re super durable and last for many years without any problem. Avoid spending money again and again for dental treatments and get a dental implant worth a lifetime. It is advisable to research the reputation and proficiency of the best dental clinic in Jumeirah Dubai before trusting the dentists. 

#6. Regular Eating/Drinking -

Since dental implants function like your own natural teeth, you can enjoy your food and drinks easily without any pain. The highly-experienced dentists at Emirates Dental Clinic recommend eating soft foods initially after dental implants. However, after some time, you can shift to your favourite food with the dentist’s recommendation. 

How To Choose A Dental Implant Specialist?

There is a substantial difference between the “dental experts” doing implants and “dental implants specialists.” Before going for a dental implant in Dubai, you should have full confidence in the dental clinic or team of dentists. Your teeth are precious and so is your smile. Only a competent team of oral experts can put a quality dental implant in your mouth ensuring effective and long-lasting results. 

Check if the dental specialists have a good reputation and satisfactory patient testimonials for their past work in implants procedure. The dentists should be well qualified and have an education specific to implants and other relevant corrective procedures about dental implant dentistry. Since there is no such thing as - “one size fits all”, you should be serious about selecting the dental implant specialist for this step in your dental health journey. 

The dental clinic should possess a nearby location and advanced dental devices to ensure the best quality treatment. More is their experience in dental implants, the higher the chances of your proficient oral treatment and care. Assess their past implant results and expertise through an independent, peer-evaluated, bonafide procedure. Since they will be executing a wide range of therapies from removing affected teeth to replacing multiple teeth, choosing a dental implant specialist is highly crucial for any individual. 

Book Your Appointment At Emirates Dental Clinic 

After knowing several essential details about dental implants, now is the time to choose the right dental clinic. Emirates Dental Clinic is a reputable and trustworthy name for offering free dental consultation, diagnosis, and dental implants procedure. After helping thousands of patients with comprehensive oral care and surgeries, our highly-experienced and expert dentists can get you the most effective treatment in no time. 

Book your appointment with Emirates Dental Clinic today for the appropriate advice and dental implant procedures.

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