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Invisible Aligners: How long does it take for aligners to work?

July 20, 2022

Gone are the days when patients had no alternative but to choose metal braces to straighten their teeth. Patients now have an alternative option to straighten their teeth without anyone knowing with invisible aligners. 

The treatment promises to correct the teeth without installation or usage of metal wires and brackets. The subtle appearance of the clear aligners makes it ideal for both kids and older adults. 

But, how long do invisible aligners take to straighten teeth? Read on more to find out.

How Long Do Dental Aligners Take to Straighten Teeth?

If you’re facing the trouble of misaligned teeth, you must certainly be having any of the below categories. 

- You never had braces or any other teeth alignment. 

- You wore braces, but the shift reversed when you stopped wearing the retainer. 

No matter what‘s the case, the clear dental aligners treatment can offer a straighter smile in a quick timeline. Most of the patients start visualising the positive results in just a few weeks. However, the complete treatment duration is 12 months. After having the treatment, the dental retainers can maintain the new smile without any further trouble. 

Crucial Factors That Bring Variation In Wear Time

Every kid or adult’s mouth is unique like their fingerprint. Hence, it is not possible to figure out the common duration of everyone’s treatment. While some patients need minor corrections from a dental clinic in Dubai, others have to undergo detailed treatment. So, invisible aligners treatment can take from six months to eighteen months.  

Here are some of the major factors behind the differences in aligner treatment duration. 

#1. Teeth Crowding

The teeth misalignment happens due to the crowding problem. Teeth crowding is a common problem that occurs due to insufficient space between the teeth. 

The minor cases of crowding can be corrected in as little as six months. However, moderate cases will take around a year for treatment. 

Extensive dental crowding happens when there isn’t enough space for permanent teeth growth in the mouth. The dentist may also recommend another course of treatment before beginning with invisible aligners treatment. 

#2. Gaps in Teeth

Gaps between the teeth are a common problem in people. It can increase the small tissue or teeth overgrowth in comparison to the jawbone. Likewise crowding, the minor gaps require less time while major gaps need sufficient time to show improvement. 

The invisible aligner treatment can cure the severe gaps and crowding in around 18 months. However, the timeline might vary on how quickly teeth can receive the adjustment. In some cases, the jaw remains too large while teeth are very small. As the gap keeps increasing, it becomes tough to fill in the gap. The dental aligners treatment in Dubai can ensure dealing with the concern in a facile manner. 

#3. Patient Age

Clear aligners are perfect for both teenagers and adults. However, the patient’s age affects the treatment process and duration. Since teens remain under the growing age, their teeth tend to grow faster in comparison to adults. 

Other than that, some people have faster-growing teeth in comparison to others. A few older people witness the faster movement and growth in the teeth irrespective of age. Thus, the dental clinic in Dubai can curate the perfect treatment plan in compliance with the patient’s age. Whatever the case, you’re never too old to go for the clear aligners treatment. 

#4. Compliance

Ignoring the dental treatment can lead to several problems. The same happens when you do not wear the aligners as per the dentist’s advice. No matter if your teeth need minimal or extended treatment, your dentist can share the recommended treatment plan at affordable prices. 

As per dentists’ recommendation, you should wear the invisible aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day. It is advised to take the clear aligners for cleaning, eating, and brushing your teeth. But, you should be wearing the dental aligners at any other time of day or night irrespective of what you are doing. 

Patients who don’t wear the clear aligners as per the doctor’s advice might find regression in teeth shifting to their original position. 

How Do Invisible Aligners Differ From Other Options?

Although invisible aligners do not remain permanently fixed to the teeth, the treatment tends to work as fast as possible. Wearing metal braces can lead to cosmetic problems along with other problems. Traditional metal braces are easily snapped while eating crunchy eatables. Hence, the old metal aligners used to have multiple food restrictions like - 

Apart from these, there are plenty of other food varieties that are not recommended with metal braces. To save yourself from the drag of staying without your favourite food, clear aligners are the better alternative. The latter ones are removed while eating and don’t involve any dietary restrictions. Moreover, the clear aligners are more durable in comparison to traditional ones having metal wires and rubber bands. 

Is Invisible Aligner Right For Everyone?

The best approach to ensure the credibility of clear aligners is to seek the consultation of a dental clinic in Dubai. The dental expert can assess the problem and provide relevant answers to your questions. You can also know the approximate timeline for your dental aligner treatment. 

Emirates Dental provides a trustworthy invisible aligners treatment engineered with technology and faster results. Experience the most transparent and predictable teeth straightening process with recommended dental care.

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