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Invisible Aligners Treatment for Adults: Pros and Cons

November 7, 2022

Crooked or crowded teeth are an embarrassing issue for many people. Getting braces is an obvious solution, but another comfortable option is Invisible Aligners. Since these modern-day teeth straightening treatments are nearly invisible, more adults and teens prefer them over metal wires and brackets. 

Clear aligners are a set of complex and transparent plastic that fit perfectly in the mouth to align your teeth into its proper position. It would be best if you relied on the dentist’s consultation for faster and better invisible aligner treatment results. However, with all things said, invisible aligner has both pros and cons for patients. It’s essential to get all the details before getting ahead with the clear aligner treatment at the dental clinic in Dubai. 

How Do Invisible Aligners Work?

Invisible aligners are custom-made mouthpieces that keep applying pressure to crooked teeth to correct their alignment. These have medical-grade plastic moulding guiding the teeth to the desired position. Clear aligners are transparent and a discreet alternative to traditional visible braces. The removable aligners provide fast and easy teeth straightening results with a clear idea about the timelines and number of aligners you need to wear. 

When we look at the clear aligner and braces treatment process, it is much simpler to compare and conclude. Although both are teeth corrective treatment procedures, invisible aligners make the treatment more straightforward and comfortable. Invisible aligners are highly popular for crooked teeth, minor crowding, periodontal tissues, open bites, etc. Moreover, these can be a great choice in your busy schedule as they require minimal dental visits every 2-3 months or as per the doctor’s recommendation. 

Invisible Aligners: Pros 

#1. Comfortable

Invisible aligners are made of flexible plastic material that quickly fits in your mouth, causing minimal or no discomfort. Unlike traditional visible braces, these aligners are free from metal wires or brackets to trigger irritation and other issues. You can keep living your life normally while wearing aligners without stress about hurting yourself. 

#2. More Attractive

Invisible aligners are almost clear, transparent, and more attractive to the eyes. They also don't leave your mouth full of metal wires and brackets. Most people won't even know that you're wearing clear aligners. You don't have to feel too self-conscious and can smile confidently without any embarrassment. It is one of the significant reasons behind adults preferring these teeth straightening treatments at any age. 

#3. Convenience

Because of their incredible comfort and convenience, invisible braces are a norm for teeth straightening and alignment. Unlike visible braces, you don’t have to deal with metal wires and brackets. Invisible aligners are also available on a widespread scale to begin teeth alignment procedures. 

#4. Easily Removable

You can remove the invisible braces for brushing, flossing, eating etc. It wasn’t possible with traditional braces as they remained fixed during the entire procedure. Clear aligners also allow you to have food or drinks without the risk of developing gum disease. The clear aligners treatment helps maintain hygiene and food consumption with no chance of food particles getting stuck. 

#5. Minimal Maintenance 

Invisible Aligners might get dull over time, but you can always clean them using a small combination of bleach and water on a toothbrush. They need a little scrubbing to eliminate any stains because of regular food and wearing. Some dentists also recommend maintaining hygiene and cleanliness during clear aligner teeth straightening procedures. 

#6. Precise Treatment

Invisible braces come up with advanced technology and comprehensive design via computer software. The high-quality material in the aligners is suitable for corrective teeth alignment procedures. Since the makers follow 3-D models of your mouth to get the perfect fitting and real-time corrections, the invisible aligners are more reliable. Additionally, you can experience before and after photos of aligners even before starting the treatment. You can get a better idea about every stage of the treatment process, including the final results. 

Invisible Aligners: Cons 

It is unfortunate, but clear aligners also have a few disadvantages apart from huge benefits.

#1. Newer Treatment

Traditional braces have been popular teeth straightening options for adults. Comparatively, clear aligners are a new option for achieving correct teeth alignments. Some patients tend to go with the time-tested methods regarding their straight teeth and confident smile. However, considering loads of health benefits and nearly invisible solutions, dental clinics in Dubai recommend clear aligners over other teeth alignment alternatives. 

#2. Requires Strict Self-Discipline

It is essential to wear invisible aligners for around 22 hours a day to get the best teeth alignment results. If you fail to wear them for the recommended time, it will only delay the progress and affect treatment results. Hence, you must follow strict self-discipline and routine care with invisible aligners. 

#3. Restricted Treatment

Invisible aligners are effective teeth straightening treatments but are currently evolving in the dental care sector. These work great for patients with mild to moderate bite problems. However, traditional braces are still better for severe dental issues. It would be best to get the proper diagnosis and treatment recommendation from the best dentists at dental clinics in Dubai. 

Should You Get Invisible Aligners Or Braces? 

Choosing between Invisible Aligners Vs. Braces can be a bit argumentative for adults and teens. While clear aligners feature the best materials and cutting-edge modern technology, the dentist's recommendation and treatment plan determine the results. Find the right dentist to map the teeth' movements and help with the proper alignments. The professionals can thoroughly examine teeth misalignment and bite issues before suggesting treatment options. You can have the best results with scheduled analysis and dental care. It mainly depends on your situation and the dentist's recommendation if an invisible aligner is a practical choice for you. 

If you need proper teeth alignment or looking to get rid of bite problems, visit Emirates Dental, the best dental clinic in Dubai. Our dentists can provide the best diagnosis, consultation, and advice related to the treatment procedures. Book your appointment today to learn more about the invisible aligner and start the treatment immediately. 

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