Ramadan Oral Health Tips

Ramadan and Oral Health: What You Need to Know

March 27, 2023

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, is the time for Muslims to do fasting and strengthen their bond with the almighty God. Fasting is one of the most important spiritual practices in Islamic culture, and Muslims used to follow it throughout the holy month of Ramadan. They have to abstain from the consumption of food or drink every day from early dawn to sunset. Fasting during Ramadan is surely an act to exercise self-control and self-discipline. 

It is recommended to adopt a good oral hygiene routine to ensure better dental health throughout the holy month of fasting. In this article, we're covering helpful insights to follow for effective oral hygiene during and after Ramadan.  

What You Should Know For Good Oral Health In Ramadan? 

With several confusions and questions around oral health during Ramadan fasting, here we are sharing some helpful insights that every dental provider and fasting Muslim patient must know. 

#1. Brushing & Flossing Your Teeth While Fasting 

Should you floss or use toothpaste and mouthwash when fasting? This is a very common query among Muslims fasting during Ramadan. According to some scholars of Islam, the use of toothpaste is not recommended as it can nullify the fast if one ends up swallowing it accidentally. However, you can always brush or floss before going to bed at night or after Suhoor (pre-dawn meal). Following a recommended oral cleaning routine is sufficient for the prevention of many diseases. 

#2. Dental Visits During Your Ramadan Fast

Several Muslim patients believe that dental visits might nullify their fast. However, local anaesthesia and dental procedures are permissible forms of treatment during the holy month of Ramadan. If you’re not facing acute pain/discomfort, try to re-schedule visits post-Ramadan. Teeth extraction is also a preventable treatment and therefore permissible during fasting days. If there is a serious infection spreading, you should not ignore the urgency of going for a dental checkup and treatment.   

If you are not sure that getting a filling will break your fast, the answer is no. As long as you’re not swallowing water or liquid, there shouldn’t be any problem with any dental procedures during your fasting days. So, it will be better to discuss your concerns with the dentist before or during your visit. The expert dentists in Dubai will take care of maintaining your fast during corrective procedures or dental treatments.  

Another common query among fasting Muslims is what they should do if the treatment dates fall during Ramadan. Certain dental treatments and preventive procedures like restorations, scaling, extractions, or invisible braces Dubai might need urgent consultation. So, always prefer to discuss with your dentists whether it is an emergency worth breaking fast or they can reschedule the appointments later. 

#3. Dental Emergency During Ramadan

Although it's better to shift the regular oral checkups outside of Ramadan, dental emergencies are kind of unavoidable. For instance, severe toothache needs an urgent dentist consultation and requires extraction procedures. Make sure to inform your dentist that you’re fasting so they can prefer anaesthetic injections instead of oral consumption. In case emergency treatments are severe and necessary, you can break the fast and make up for fasting days later. 

10 Helpful Ways To Maintain Good Oral Health During Holy Ramadan 

Here are a few simple yet helpful tips by highly-experienced dentists at Emirates Dental, a dental clinic in Jumeirah, Dubai, to avoid poor oral hygiene and ensure good oral health during fasting in the month of Ramadan.  

#1. Follow regular brushing after ‘iftaar’ and ‘suhoor’ to avoid cavity formation in the teeth. To stop having foul breath, make sure to brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper to remove the white coating.

#2. Use non-alcohol mouthwash to rinse and floss your mouth. Try to use it outside the fasting hours if you’re afraid of swallowing it.  

#3. Use miswak sticks (a traditional way of cleaning your teeth) to avoid dental plaque and ensure fresh breath throughout the fasting time.

#4. Reduce drinking too much coffee, tea, soda, and other caffeinated drinks during the Ramadan month. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and juice with fewer fried, spicy, and salty food items. 

#5. Do not forget to floss your teeth thoroughly after a suhoor meal especially if you ate any fish or dairy products. Such food items contain special proteins leading to bad breath problems. 

#6. If you use dentures or teeth straighteners, make sure to clean them properly or else they can be a reason for bad breath and tooth decay problems. 

#7. Patients with diabetes must use chlorhexidine mouthwash twice a day. Rinsing their mouth thoroughly will prevent gum diseases and helps maintain good oral health. 

#8. Always choose fruits and vegetables when breaking the fast because they contain a lot of fiber and are good for your teeth. Avoid eating sticky foods, cheese, chocolates, or cereals that can get stuck in between the teeth and lead to dental cavities. 

#9. Swish organic coconut oil in your mouth after finishing your Suhoor meal to curb bacterial deposits and avoid foul breath. 

#10. Last but not the least, it is advised to get a thorough dental/oral check-up before starting Ramadan fasts. Make sure to follow the same after Ramadan and visit the best dental clinic in Dubai to ensure good oral health.  

Final Comments 

During Ramadan, it becomes quite essential to follow a good oral hygiene routine to get through the holy month. One should neither miss nor ignore them with celebrations and spiritualism flowing around. Instead of using Ramadan as an excuse to neglect your oral health, do visit a highly-experienced dentist regularly to ensure healthy teeth and gums. 

At Emirates Dental Clinic, one of the most reputable and affordable dental clinics in Dubai, we provide the best consultation to help maintain good oral hygiene and protect your oral health during the month of Ramadan. Whether you need routine checkups or are facing a dental emergency, book your appointment with one of our experienced dentists today.

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