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The Importance Of Dental Hygiene During Clear Aligners Treatment

Clear aligners have been revolutionary teeth straightening treatments since the turn of the century. It is a tried and tested corrective procedure for straightening teeth and has several oral benefits. Since these are invisible and removable, patients can have the most discreet teeth straightening method and achieve a confident smile. 

Aside from many other factors, dental hygiene plays an important role in straightening teeth. But, not everyone knows the best practices to ensure proper cleanliness and hygiene with clear aligners. It is one of the main reasons most patients fail to achieve straight teeth. This blog will share valuable information about maintaining dental hygiene during your clear aligners treatment

How Is Invisible Aligner Different From Traditional Braces?

Clear aligners bring a new scale of teeth correction and alignment ease while providing maximum comfort during the treatment. While the conventional teeth straightening methods include major diet changes, invisible aligners provide the complete freedom to eat and drink as normal without making any major dietary changes since there are no prohibited foods or beverages. If you're following the dental hygiene and proper cleaning process, there is not much to worry about with invisible aligner therapy. 

Another major advantage of invisible aligners over transitional braces is that they are completely removable on your own. You won't need the dentist's assistance to remove or clean the aligners. Whether you're flossing, brushing, or eating, the clear aligners can be removed and cleaned effortlessly. These aligners are far better than other braces with complicated care and are prone to damage. 

Not just teeth straightening, the invisible aligners are highly aesthetically pleasing and save you from all embarrassment. Since these are invisible to others, no one will notice you wearing them and hence regain the confident smile. Moreover, you won't have typical wires and brackets around your teeth; there are minimal chances of getting scrapes and cuts. 

Maintain Oral Hygiene During Invisible Aligner Treatment

Regular dental hygiene with removable aligners doesn’t need much care, but your dentist recommends a normal routine. Some cleaning practices include properly flossing after every meal and brushing your teeth twice regularly. Proper cleaning of teeth, gums, tongue, and entire mouth is highly essential during the teeth straightening treatment. 

Visiting your dentist for frequent checkups is also important throughout the invisible aligner treatment. An expert dentist can provide the right guidance in maintaining oral hygiene and professional cleanliness. Try to avoid any plaque, build-up, or tooth decay formation to make the most out of the clear aligner therapy. 

Right Way To Clean Your Invisible Aligners

Before cleaning the clear aligners, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. It can avoid bacterial infections and contamination of trays because of environmental microorganisms. Most dental experts recommend properly cleaning aligners before putting the trays back into the mouth. Follow the aligner cleaning and hygiene routine twice a day. Failing to do so will further increase the risk of cavity formation and tooth discoloration. 

Use fluoride toothpaste, mild soap, or cleaning liquid recommended by dentists to clean removable aligners. Investing in the special aligner cleaning kit can promote optimal results and better hygiene. Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a soft cloth to clean the aligner trays. On the contrary, hard-bristled toothbrushes can cause scratches and reduce transparency levels. 

One tip to ensure better cleaning of aligners is to use warm water. Do not use a mixture of warm and cold water, as it can lead to a change in the aligner tray's shape. In such cases, the trays will no longer fit well in the mouth, which can impact the results. It is also recommended to avoid the use of mouthwash or denture cleaners after using clear aligner trays over teeth. 

Take Care Of Your Teeth During Clear Aligner Therapy

Although brushing, flossing, cleaning, and rinsing your teeth with mouthwash is common, it becomes increasingly essential while undergoing clear aligner therapy. There isn't any specific time for brushing or flossing your teeth, as you can do it whenever you remember. In general, the mouth saliva keeps working to remove food particles and bacteria. However, it recommended practice following oral cleaning twice a day throughout the aligner therapy. 

The aligners will likely trap the food particles in close contact with the teeth. Failing to clean the aligner trays before inserting them into the mouth can cause damage to teeth for a longer duration. It can not only damage oral health and hygiene but can also impact the results. If you're unable to brush your teeth for some unavoidable reason, make sure to rinse your mouth properly. Keep drinking loads of water along with meals to flush food particles effortlessly. 

Things To Avoid During Invisible Aligner Treatment

After knowing some efficient tips and recommendations for cleanliness during invisible aligner therapy, here are some things to avoid during the procedure. 

#1. Frequent Snacking or Sipping

As per dentist recommendations, you must wear clear aligners most of the time to achieve ideal teeth straightening results. Eating and drinking will require you to remove your aligners frequently since aligners can't be worn while you eat or drink. Following a proper eating and drinking schedule is better throughout the treatment. Moreover, frequent snacking and sipping can cause acid attacks on teeth enamel, resulting in more damage. 

#2. Drinking Coffee

Drinking a lot of coffee during the removable aligners treatment can add up acid-releasing bacteria in the mouth. The drink can also cause teeth stains resulting in brittle teeth and the wearing down of enamel. Avid coffee drinkers must clean their mouths, teeth, and tongue every time before reinserting the invisible aligner trays. In case of residue stuck from food and drink, the aligners can get strained, disrupting the invisible effect.  

Final Comments

The invisible aligner treatment is the most advanced and revolutionary form of teeth straightening. Unlike traditional braces, patients can maintain good oral hygiene during the clear aligners treatment more easily.

At Emirates Dental Clinic, one of the most reputable in Dubai, we provide the best consultation to maintain oral hygiene throughout the treatment. Contact our dental expert today to discuss whether invisible aligner treatment is the right option for you.

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invisible aligners, transparent braces, clear aligners, invisible braces dubai