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5 Reasons to Consider Invisible Aligners in Dubai

April 19, 2023

Clear aligners are one of the advanced and modern approaches to correcting teeth misalignment and achieving a straighter smile. Compared to other teeth straightening methods, clear aligners offer a highly simple cosmetic relief, especially for teenagers and adults. The aligners are designed using high-quality and smooth thermoplastic that puts sufficient pressure to make the slow shift in teeth positions. 

Invisible aligners are a very effective treatment to correct teeth gaps, crossbites, crowding, open bite, and several other dental issues. Moreover, along with dental and oral issues, clear aligners are also helpful in correcting overall facial aesthetics and appearance. Here are five compelling reasons to consider clear aligners if you are unsure whether they are right for you.

#1. Comfortable Experience

One of the major reasons behind people avoiding dental treatments is the fear of dealing with certain discomfort or pain. However, clear aligners are physically more comfortable to wear compared to traditional metal braces. The personalized and tailor-made procedure of invisible braces makes them a perfect fit in your mouth, enhancing the overall comfort level throughout the treatment duration. 

Although the aligners work like braces, there aren’t any sort of wires or brackets to worry about. The smooth plastic trays keep on putting the right amount of pressure on the teeth without any chance of irritation or painful cuts. 

If you feel self-conscious about the metal wires and brackets in your teeth, invisible aligners are your go-to option. Ideal for all age groups of people, the removable braces go unnoticed by family, friends, coworkers, or anyone to help you gain the confidence to smile freely.   

#2. Nearly Invisible

It is a reality that most dental appliances and procedures make us look hideous throughout the treatment. However, in the case of invisible aligners, the smooth plastic trays remain fully transparent and invisible to anyone. Since anyone can hardly notice them, you can avoid answering too many questions about your teeth straightening treatment and obvious embarrassment. 

While traditional braces used to have wires and brackets that remain completely visible to anyone, invisible aligners are the perfect alternative. Moreover, metal brackets may also impact speech and face aesthetics. With invisible braces, you can maintain intact speech and looks while maintaining similar confidence as before.  

You can freely attend weddings, take pictures, travel, and lead personal and professional life wearing transparent removable braces. It would be great to let braces work on correcting the teeth' alignment while you can smile without losing confidence. Simply put, you can live your life as if you were not undergoing teeth straightening treatment

#3. No Food/Dietary Restrictions

It is a great concern for most patients when they find out about the food restrictions with the braces treatment. However, invisible aligners don't let you worry about that as you can eat or drink whatever you want during the procedure. Unlike traditional braces, the clear aligners offer the perfect freedom to enjoy your favorite eatables with minimal or no restrictions. 

The removable nature of invisible aligners is what makes it possible to avoid any dietary limitations. Since you can remove them before eating and cleaning, it becomes very easy to manage your eating habits while straightening your teeth. It is another compelling reason to choose clear braces instead of other non-removable options. 

#4. Quicker Treatment & Results 

It is essential to wear clear aligners for around 20-22 hours every day to achieve faster and more effective results. If worn properly with the recommended routine, you’re likely to experience straight teeth more quickly. However, the time duration of treatment is completely dependent on the mild to moderate cases of misalignments.

Your dentist can give a better idea about your case after careful diagnosis and pre-treatment consultation. Based on the analysis, the expert dentist can set a course for a treatment plan with personalized aligners. For minor misalignment, it takes around 3-6 months, which further increases up to 18 months in case of severe issues. However, all things considered, invisible aligners are relatively faster teeth straightening procedures than any other alternatives.

#5. Dental & Oral Health Benefits

Clear aligners are a great choice for correcting a lot of teeth alignment issues. Alongside misalignment, you can also solve a plethora of oral and health issues while wearing removable braces. Traditional metal braces didn't help take care of oral health and often lead to certain issues like calcium deposits, tooth decay, gingivitis, and more. 

On the other hand, invisible aligners come up with advanced 3D printing technology that promotes healthy oral and dental habits. Since these are removable, you can ensure proper brushing and flossing and avoid further oral health problems. It is very essential to take care of oral health and avoid plaque formation on the teeth throughout the teeth straightening procedure. With non-removable braces, food particles tend to get stuck in hard-to-reach places and cause gum disease, cavities, and more. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can take your oral hygiene lightly with invisible aligners. Without careful cleaning, you might end up trapping bacteria inside the aligner trays. Follow a proper brushing and flossing cleaning routine to prevent bacteria buildup and other issues. 

Are Invisible Braces Right For You?

Now you know some of the top reasons to consider clear aligners for correcting teeth alignment and straightening smiles. Not just aesthetics, these removable aligners are the ideal companions for your dental health and oral hygiene. So, if you’ve been avoiding dental treatment for teeth alignment, now is the time to go for the clear aligners

Undoubtedly, invisible braces are the most useful and reliable teeth straightening treatment for both teenagers and adults. In comparison to traditional braces, they bring immense advantages for healthy and straight teeth. Being nearly invisible, these are a perfect fit for even those patients who are uncomfortable wearing metal braces. Moreover, you can’t ignore various other benefits like quicker results, freedom, and high comfort throughout the procedure.  

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